Tattoo Artist Testimonial

Tim Cronin
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The Tattoo Relief oral tablet dissolved in my mouth within 60 seconds or so and had little to no taste at all. I experienced slight numbness in my mouth, but only for 2-3 minutes. It was helpful by leading me to believe that I could get through the impending pain, of the shading, to come on my inner bicep. I’m on my second sleeve and having the line work already completed on this second project, I was anticipating what I had experienced in the past, extreme swelling and nauseating pain. Much to my surprise, and relief, the pain was at least half of what I was expecting. To add, there was nearly no swelling during or after the session. I am extremely excited about this product and my upcoming back and stomach projects. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is worried about the pain that comes with the tattoo process or those facing long sessions. To add, I am a partner in a large company in the cannabis industry and a huge advocate for CBD products and all the amazing benefits they offer. It can be difficult at times to recognize measurable results in the various products I try, however, in the case of Tattoo Relief, I was able to notice a significant difference almost instantly.
Adrian Wyatt
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Tried this product today while sitting for a 2nd session on a thigh/booty piece. Normally I have a hard time sitting but this product greatly improved my ability to relax and sit like a champ. Made the entire process so much easier. Calmed the mind so the body could relax. I would use this product again!
Joseph Heafs
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This was exactly what I was hoping for. It relaxed me and allowed me to be able to get in a meditative state and focus on my breathing. Not only does it relax me, but it took the edge off the extra pain that makes you want to jump out of the chair. I was able to lay there calmly and let my artist do the job he needed to do. I may be heavily tattooed but it has taken me over 20 years. I usually sit just a few hours at a time because it’s hard to calm myself and relax, since I’m a high-energy person. This product is perfect to help you relax because of the CBD and lidocaine takes off that extra sting you get from getting a tattoo. I was especially happy that this product works really well and does the job it says it’s going to do, especially since I was getting my head tattooed while using Tattoo Releaf. When getting the hat head tattooed it especially stings since it’s just skin and bones and the skin smacking off your bone back into the needle is extra brutal. Tattoo Releaf literally gave me the relief I needed to sit relax and get into a meditative state. I love that it doesn’t fully take away the pain because the pain is also part of the experience. This product just takes that extra edge off that’s needed to really sit for a tattoo. This product just takes that extra edge off that that makes you want to jump out of the chair. I am being redundant. I will end my review with That I’m very happy, pleased, fully supportive, and love this product. Super stoked to use Tattoo Releaf to finish my backpiece this summer. I’m glad that it’s on the market and that it will help a lot of people push through long sessions.
Donna Ann James
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I Went with my boyfriend to get small matching tattoos LOL I could barely go through the pain before but when I tried that pill THIS SHIT WORKS 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
The Hebrew Hammer
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Love it. Got 2 for me and my girl
Alex Hertz
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Very Relaxing.
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the effect was in like 10 seconds! will use again. thanks.
Elior Elmimelech
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Bought this to use for my 3rd tattoo, I used numbing products but I saw the commercial and wanted to try this for my tattoo appointment. I used Tattoo Releaf before and even after getting my tattoo to relax the area with the cbd effect. my tattoo looks incredible, its been 2 days. The inflammation at my last tattoo was killing, Very happy with this product, its a smart solution for tattoos.
John Davis
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Honestly I don’t mind the pain I just got it to reduce the inflammation because my skin gets irritated easily so I took 2 of them at a time and I promise ya’ll I could get my lip pierced and I wouldn’t event know lmao it went away but the best part is, I was able to just chill wasn’t that bad and my artist said i inflammation was less bad as usual. Give it a try. 3 stars cause it expensive
Patricia Rodriquez
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WOW! I had a facial filler done at LA plastic surgery and I took 2 of these and did not feel a thing! Thank you Tattoo Releaf for your amazing product! I am recommending my doctors to buy for their office.
Kamila Jones
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I was about to go to get the second treatment for my eyebrow microblading which is extremely paintful. I walked into a cool pharmacy in downtown Sarasota, fl. Who recommended Tattoo releaf as an alternative to the cream I was about to get. NO COMPARISON, this tiny tablet took seconds to kick in. I took 2 tablets and it did the trick. I was so relaxed and was actually giddy during my eyebrow tattooing. Great product and I will be buying more.
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