About Us

GSP Global started Tattoo Releaf because there wasn’t a safe and effective way to relieve the inflammation, anxiety
and discomfort caused by getting a tattoo. That’s why we have teamed up with the #1 naturopathic
doctor in the world to scientifically formulate our product. Along the way, we have discovered the most
effective way to deliver natural relief that acts in seconds! We want our customers to enjoy the tattoo process. Our
revolutionary RTD is the Most effective solution on the market to safely alleviate discomfort and inflammation  without causing blood thinning or any changes to the texture to the skin.

Our passion for Tattoo Releaf means that we provide
our customers nothing but the highest quality of products, that are guaranteed to meet their needs and
keep them satisfied!

Unlike most CBD products on the market, we can proudly say our product is pharmaceutical grade and FDA Regulated (cGMP). 

Our Facility

Our primary commitment is to serve people who suffer from chronic conditions such as
pain, anxiety and stress. Our passion has prompted us to explore the medical and health
benefits of CBD for various health purposes. Our products are exceptional for several

  • Tattoo Releaf is registered and manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility. Current Good Manufacturing Practices is the name given to quality systems used by U.S Food & Drug Administration regulated product manufacturers to ensure compliance with FDA regulations.
  • Formulated by a translational team of clinical pharmacologists, scientists, integrative medicine specialists and pharmacists to conceptualize the health benefits of hemp extracts
  • Our 50+ years of pharmacy practice, research, formulary and pharmacodynamics experience help us to develop a breakthrough line of products under TattooReleaf
  • Each batch of CBD is analyzed by HPLCon and carefully selected for its 99.8% purity
  • We use medical grade ingredients with novel delivery technology for enhanced absorption
  • Synergistic bimodal targeting for both receptors on the gastrointestinal tract/dermal with concomitant systemic absorption for whole body effect
  • We ensure physiologically precise dosage by taking into account loss due to xenobiotic metabolism, enteric activity of microbes and other absorptive losses
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